STRESS JUDO Black Belt stress management 
Turning stress inTO OPPORTUNITIES 

STRESS JUDO: Coaching For Leadership
Leadership is the hot topic right now in management theory, but no one can define it.  So how about this? Maintaining your cool under pressure.  Not melting down from anxiety attacks or worry when stress hits.  STRESS JUDO is designed specifically to be coaching for leadership.

STRESS JUDO breaks stress management techniques and stress management strategies into 6 belts, with 2 modules each.  They teach you to progressively move from taking control of the stressful situation through changing your internal and external environments to prevent stressful situations from even arising.  What better way to minimize stress at work than to know how to anticipate it and defeat it before it even reaches you?

Too many executive leadership coaching programs focus on trying to teach you techniques to get people to follow you.  It will be much more productive to teach you to be the person they should follow.  That means they need to trust your judgment.  Especially when they cannot trust their own, like in a pressure situation.  You can learn a bunch of meaingless phrases that work better on a poster than in the workplace.   Or you can engage in real coaching for leadership that turns you into the leader who dominates the stressful situations.

STRESS JUDO Black Belt stress management is designed to transform you from the person you are now into a true respected leader.
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RICK CARTER - Christian, father, husband, martial arts student, litigator.  STRESS JUDO developed to fight stress in fighting arena and courtroom. You too can be as cool and calm as every movie lawyer or action hero you've ever seen.  Be envied by everyone who cracks under pressure. You won't.



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