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We got a dog!  Her name is Angel.  We got her from a rescue shelter.  She is a mix of Poodle and something else.  The shelter says maybe Schnauzer, the vet says maybe Lhasa Apso.  We think it might be cat! Because she stretches and leaps and sits like a cat.
What does this have to do with stress management? Is "get a pet" part of STRESS JUDO?
No.  Pets are great for work anxiety and stress just because you can vent to them - and they still jump and bounce and look so happy!

Anyway, she is so cute.  And she is just boundless unconditional love.  Which is great stress relief.

So maybe the point of this post is to tell you to find unconditional love whenever you are stressed out.  This could be from a pet.  Or family or friends.  Or doing volunteer work.  Or your religion or faith.
Whatever it is.  Unconditional love helps your self esteem, which helps your ability to KNOW that you can fight the stress.

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STRESS JUDO has a component that trains you to think like a comedian, because sometimes laughter is the best stress management technique. So here are some silly jokes, to help with work anxiety.  Feel free to add your own (keep them clean!) in the COMMENTS section.  Maybe we will use them in the next newsletter!

That cruise line whose ship got stuck last year just hired BP's ad agency to roll out their new advertising: "Book now for SUVIVOR: CRUISE"!

A year after his death, Michael Jackson made more money than when he was alive.  In other news, more LA defense attorneys focusing on accused child molesters closed up shop last year...

I dropped my iPad and my Wii in the blender and I Wii-ped.

Rachel Maddow interviewed Jon Stewart last week. No joke. I just love these two!

I saw an article about a couple who eliminated $80,000 in credit card debt by sticking to a budget and eliminating frivolous spending.  When asked if Congress should look at this, Keith Olberman cried "Poppycock!" and labeled these two as the Worst People In The World!

Glenn Beck
Bill O'Reilly
Newt Gingrich
Rachel Maddow
Keith Olberman
Of these 5 - guess which TWO my Word tagged as needing to be "add to dictionary"? Coincidence? Hmmm...

Knock, knock.
"Who's there?"
I'm from Congress and I want to lower your taxes
"I'm from Congress and I want to lower your taxes" who?

You know a knock, knock joke that won't work?
Knock, knock.
"Who's there?"
John Galt
"Who is John Galt?"

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A new study shows that women with high stress jobs are more likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes and clogged arteries just like men in high stress jobs.  I have been an advocate of equal rights for women from my childhood. However, equal access to work anxiety and Health related issues from work related stress was not part of the deal!

Here is the link to the article: work anxiety and women.

Click on it, but come back here so you can read about the WORST part of this article: what it recommends you do about stress at work.

The worst part of this article is the ending:
            "She has these tips for workers:
           1.      Exercise. It clears the mind, lifts the mood and curbs other heart risks, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.
           2.      Limit bringing work home.
           3.      Get a life. Do things with friends, whether they're folks you work with or not.
           4.      Build "me time" into every day. "It can be as little as 10 or 15 minutes to meditate, pray or take a walk," Albert said."

What is MISSING from these "tips"? Eliminating the stress!  I have a high stress job - divorce litigation attorney - and I exercise everyday.  And you know what? The stress is still there when I get on at the gym!  I meditate and walk and pray.  And the stress is still there.  These tips might help with the health effects of stress.  But this is like trying to teach the lion to manage the pain.  Just pull the damn thorn out of the paw!

But if your stress management program is designed to focus on eliminating the stress, then by definition, there is less stress.  Of course, your stress management program must also have the meditation and exercise components, because they give you the physical and emotional strength to stand up to stress.

This is why STRESS JUDO Black Belt stress management training was developed.  To give you the focus and resolve of a black belt martial artist in the face of stress and chaos. The 6 belt levels, with 2 focused modules, Action Steps, Checklists, and Mindmaps, and train you to develop your self to not only handle stress, but to turn it from a fear to an opportunity.

Click work anxiety for more information on STRESS JUDO.You get 3 exclusive FREE reports that you can use TODAY to start to eliminate the stress in your life, and be the ROCK that people turn to in the middle of chaos.
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RICK CARTER - Christian, father, husband, martial arts student, litigator.  STRESS JUDO developed to fight stress in fighting arena and courtroom. You too can be as cool and calm as every movie lawyer or action hero you've ever seen.  Be envied by everyone who cracks under pressure. You won't.



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