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We Got A Dog!
We got a dog!  Her name is Angel.  We got her from a rescue shelter.  She is a mix of Poodle and something else.  The shelter says maybe Schnauzer, the vet says maybe Lhasa Apso.  We think it might be cat! Because she stretches and leaps and sits like a cat.
What does this have to do with stress management? Is "get a pet" part of STRESS JUDO?
No.  Pets are great for work anxiety and stress just because you can vent to them - and they still jump and bounce and look so happy!

Anyway, she is so cute.  And she is just boundless unconditional love.  Which is great stress relief.

So maybe the point of this post is to tell you to find unconditional love whenever you are stressed out.  This could be from a pet.  Or family or friends.  Or doing volunteer work.  Or your religion or faith.
Whatever it is.  Unconditional love helps your self esteem, which helps your ability to KNOW that you can fight the stress.

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