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Turning stress inTO OPPORTUNITIES 
Have you ever stayed awake Sunday night because the thought of going in to work Monday morning fills you with anxiety and stress?  Have you ever just frozen at your desk at work, because you know that any choice you make will be attacked and criticized by someone?  Is your workday filled with worry and anxiety instead of joy and optimism?  Your work anxiety is ruining your life and your relationships. 

You know you have to do something about this.  Living a life filled with anxiety, fear and stress will eventually wear you down, both physically and emotionally, and kill you.  It interferes with your family relationships, because you can't turn it off when you get home.  And it prevents you form doing all the great things you are really capable of, so that you can't get promoted out of the cesspool of fear and anxiety you are working in.

I developed STRESS JUDO as your training program to help you eliminate stress and fear from your life.  The reason this program is so effective is because it teaches the ONE thing you will not find in other programs allegedly teaching you to deal with stress and anxiety.   STRESS JUDO teaches you to identify and destroy the thing causing your stress and anxiety.  The first belt trains you in Creative Problem Solving  - to figure out how to eliminate the stressor - and Time Management - to eliminate it quickly and efficiently.  The second belt trains you in Creative Thinking - to anticipate and plan around stressful situations - and Self Examination - to monitor and improve how you deal with stressful situation.  The remaining 4 belts lead you to mastery of stress and anxiety.

In my research, I have come across many stress management and anxiety reducing programs.   But they all focus on your internal response to stress and anxiety.  They teach you how to stay calm, how to meditate, how to keep your blood pressure low.  But that's like teaching only pain management to a boxer, instead of how to punch and knock out his or her opponent.  STRESS JUDO teaches these skills, because they are necessary to use while fighting stress and anxiety.  But they, by themselves, do not fight stress anxiety. They are merely coping mechanisms.  And you were meant for more than simply coping with life.

STRESS JUDO trains you to train yourself to destroy the stress in your life.  Dealing with work anxiety is a theme that runs through the training, because it is so prevalent in life.  This is not a medical column, and this isn't medical advice. Check with a health professional to deal with stress and physical and emotional symptoms you may be having.  And see if STRESS JUDO is the method that you want to use to deal with stress and anxiety.

STRESS JUDO Black Belt stress management system. For dealing with stress at work, work anxiety, and stress management strategies or anxiety relief in general.

STRESS JUDO COACHINGPersonal one-on-one coaching with Rick Carter, creator of STRESS JUDO, for aggressive sgtress management and personal transformation.
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RICK CARTER - Christian, father, husband, martial arts student, litigator.  STRESS JUDO developed to fight stress in fighting arena and courtroom. You too can be as cool and calm as every movie lawyer or action hero you've ever seen.  Be envied by everyone who cracks under pressure. You won't.



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