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Turning stress inTO OPPORTUNITIES 

We have added a GUARANTEE to the Coaching program.  Everyone who enrolls in the Coaching program receives the STRESS JUDO Black Belt training system as the core of the coaching.  If for any reason you decide that the personal coaching is not right for you, you REMAIN in the Black Belt training system!  This is a $330 value that trains you over 6 months and 6 belts to develop your black belt mindset toward stressful situations.
Coaching is growth focused.  Not cheerleading, although motivation is a component.  Not training, although teaching is a big part.  Not game-planning, although helping you see the "big picture" comes with the territory.  Coaching is all of these, with the added element of training you to master the insight to do all of this for yourself.
Personal coaching, which is what STRESS JUDO COACHING offers, means you and your coach (in this case - me!) take a journey, where the path leads to personal transformation.  It doesn't have to be some peer-into-the-soul-of-the-Universe revelation (although, as revelations go, those are pretty cool).  For some people, it means that you are a different person from when you started.  For others, it means you are a completely different person from when you started.  For me, it meant a person who took the combative excellence needed in the courtroom and fighting ring and fashioned into a training program to help people fight the daily stresses and anxieties that keep them from seeing the joy in their lives.

The main page for STRESS JUDO COACHING is at:

This page explains that the coaching is personal - meaning one-on-one with the coach and focused on you personally - built within the framework of the progressive training of the belt system.  It explains the resources, the belts, the tools you receive at each level.  It explains the price.  It explains all the free stuff you can ask for.
But it cannot give you the experience and feel of coaching.  It's like boxing or dancing (I have done both).  No matter how many rounds or recitals you observe.  No matter how many "behind the scenes" documentaries you watch. No matter how many boxers or dancers you talk with.   None of these can give you the experience of seeing a punch coming at your head and ducking under it, or of boxing (yeah, you've never seen me dance, have you?).
So STRESS JUDO COACHING will coach you for free, so you can decide whether there is value there or not for you.  At the bottom of the information page is a Contact Form, where you can request a 30 minute coaching session.  You will have your own experience to decide that coaching is the thing that can take you to that elusive next level.

So please go to:
Fill out the form.
Get coached for 30 minutes.
Then get coached a lot.
I look forward to meeting you.
Rick Carter
Indianapolis, IN

Turning stress inTO OPPORTUNITIES

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