How To Face Stress With The Laser Focus Of A Trial Attorney And The Inner Coolness Of A Judo Black Belt

Trial attorney. Martial artist. Pretty high stress positions, right? My name is Rick Carter and I have been doing both for a combined total of 40+ years.  And I have felt the pain that stress can do.  The back ache that made me crawl on my hands and knees to a phone to call off a meeting I was too stressed to attend.  The physical stress after hours in the ring or the dojo, sparring with guys (and some girls) gunning to knock my head off.  The knots in the stomach and the weird feeling of lighted headedness when I was standing in front of the boss, being the fall guy for the failure of a plan that never could have succeeded.  And I know that you feel these and other pains, because my job is trial attorney.  I have represented people in pain for divorces, personal injury claims, criminal matters, and businesses that are going under if this litigation doesn't work - and quickly.  I also saw that having my clients being able to make decisions calmly and rationally, not stressed and anxious, helps me with representing them.  We all see exampled in movies and maybe on the world stage of leaders who stay calm under pressure.  I taught my clients - successfully - that they can do that too in their own lives.  Now YOU can too. I developed STRESS JUDO to train you to deal with all the stress in you life. The more you understand just how valuable our product could be to your life, the less you think about delaying this important purchase.

Your FEAR Of Being Overwhelmed By Stress Is Replaced By Your CONFIDENCE In Knowing You Control Every Situation
STRESS JUDO teaches you in the time-honored and respected method of the greatest martial arts styles: belt progression.  Each belt teaches you specific skills so that you can master a particular area of your life.  For example, the YELLOW BELT level teaches you creative problem solving and time management - SKILLS - so you can attack and control every stressful situation - MASTERY.  Later on, we will discuss the specific methods that STRESS JUDO uses to train you. And how you will learn to train yourself, so that STRESS JUDO is actually a life-long program.

Your New Reputation For DECISIVE Action Under Pressure Contrasts With The INDECISION That Everyone Else Faces.

Learned helplessness.  Have you ever heard that term?  It's the psychological term used when a person decides that nothing they do will help them.  Think of a dog that gets a shock from the floor if it lies down, and a shock every time it takes a step away.  Eventually, it just lies there and gets shocked, because nothing it does can alleviate the pain.  That is how most people approach stress. But there is an answer.  There is HOPE.  There is STRESS JUDO. And as every word you read travels from this page to your brain, you start to understand just how much our product could benefit your life.

No One Thinks DOUBT Is Sexy.  Your IRON WILL To Step Through Stress Makes You Attractive.
This program is a combination of the techniques that I used to handle the stress of the dojo (martial arts school) and the stress of the courtroom.  But it is NOT simply a collection of "stress management tips" or of little sayings to repeat when you feel stress.  It is a complete approach to mastering stress.  But it is NOT simply adjusting your mindset.  Mindset is important, but mindset by itself does not give you the tools to destroy stress.  Lawyers know how to argue, but merely being argumentative makes you annoying, not a lawyer.  Pianists run their fingers up and down the keyboard, but without music, that is just noise.  It is that deeper level of understanding, that ability to take the tools and the skills and the knowledge and fit them into your personal method of using them, which distinguishes the master from everyone else.  STRESS JUDO comes from 25+ years of martial arts training across many styles, and from 16+ years in courtrooms from the smallest local traffic courts to Federal courtrooms and international agencies.

Want To Remain Calm, Cool, And Focused Under Pressure? Here's How To Turn Stress Into Opportunities Now!
  1. No more pain from the indecision in the face of stress after you learn how to take control of every stressful situation.
  2. Turn the doubt that stress causes in you into the pleasure of knowing that internally, you have mastered your stress reaction.
  3. You have an unstoppable focus and will to battle through the fear of stress.
  4. Your decisiveness is becoming the envy of everyone you know as you progress in your training.
  5. Your taking action on the training from the fitness and meditation modules makes the bad health effects of stress virtually nonexistent.
  6. Your faith in your ability to turn stress into opportunities has transformed your life and the lives of everyone dependent on you.

Your STRESS JUDO Black Belt Training

Each Month you will receive:
    2 Complete Manuals
    2 Check Lists
    2 Action Steps
    2 Mind Maps
    The Syllabus for your belt
    A Certificate of Belt Achievement to display proudly

6 Belt levels
YELLOW: Mastery of stressful situations

ORANGE: Mastery of mindset toward stress

GREEN: Mastery of control over stress

BLUE: Mastery of growth over stress

BROWN: Mastery of body and spirit

BLACK: Mastery of energy and daily stress

You Have FAITH In Yourself, Instead Of ANXIETY About The Future.

Stress destroys your faith in yourself and any hope you have for the future.  Because stress is always there.  Some stress is good.  The stress you feel when you are pushing for a personal best in running or weightlifting.  The stress you feel when you take on a new and bigger project, testing your limits at work to show you can advance to a higher level.  But even in these situations there can be that nagging fear of failure, that doubt in your ability to succeed. That annoying little voice that says "you've won this round, but I'll be back."  STRESS JUDO helps you eliminate this by breaking the training down into 6 belts, with 2 modules in each belt:
YELLOW: Creative Problem Solving and Time Management
ORANGE: Creative Thinking and Self-Examination
GREEN: Goal Setting and Inner Will Development
BLUE: Self-coaching and Positive Habits Development
BROWN: Fitness and Meditation
BLACK: Energy Healing and Personal Program Development
STRESS JUDO: The Mastery Manual is the reference manual for the program.  It is stand-alone and can be used by itself.  It is most effective when paired with

The ACTIONS You Take In Fitness And Meditation Turn The Bad Health Effects Of Stress Into Your Good Wellness.
The entire Brown Belt level training of STRESS JUDO is totally devoted to your fitness and meditation.  Stress works to destroy you in 2 ways:
  1. stress is pressure on your physical, mental and emotional systems.  This pressure, and your reactions, are what cause the high blood pressure, sleepless nights, stomach aches, headaches, exhaustion, muscle aches, feelings of anxiety and fear - do I have to go on?  The training at the Brown Belt level is designed to help you avoid or minimize these health effects.
  2. stress leaves a mark.  These systems are weakened every time you use them to fight stress.  And they don't grow stronger (unlike muscles or inner will) by themselves.  If you do not address this aspect of the effects of stress on your health, your physical ability to fight stress gets weaker and weaker. What do people say? "He looked so healthy." Because this damage is all internal.  The training of the Brown Belt level can be used in all aspects of your life.   But it is focused on giving you the physical, mental and emotional strength to fight and destroy stress - and to then make the repairs to the damage from the battle.
As you've been reading about stress and how to turn it into opportunities, you can begin to imagine using our product and enjoying all the benefits it brings.

Your BLACK BELT In STRESS JUDO Sets You Apart And Identifies The Self-Independence That People Need In A Leader.
Two things distinguish a black belt mind from other people:
  1. Black Belts seek out the areas they need more training in, and then train themselves.  I spend countless hours practicing kata (pre-arranged sequences of various karate skills), examining my kicks, my stances, my weight distribution, my speed.  As I see a weakness, I train on it.  I spend countless hours reviewing trial tactics, transcripts, results (and especially what different judges felt was important evidence in trials).  I review this with other attorneys and as I find areas to improve, I seek out the education to improve it.  As a STRESS JUDO Black Belt, you will be examining and improving your reactions to stress.
  2. Black Belts make the system their own, they leave their personal stamp on it.  This is because they have insight into how the system works.  Black belts do not simply do the moves better, faster, stronger.  They do these things because they understand the system underlying what they are doing, and they adapt it to themselves.  And they improve it, for their students and people around them.  It is this level of understanding that sets black belts and other leaders apart.
Think of any group you work with.  Isn't there someone who drops that statement that everyone else says "Wow! I never thought of that! This guy really understands what's going on here!"  That will be you.
You will have an understanding and an insight into STRESS JUDO.  The Black Belt level is focused on training your internal energy (so you don't get tired and fatigued under stress and anxiety) and on developing your own personal stress management system, using everything you have learned in the program.  When stress comes, you will turn it into an opportunity for growth for you and for those around you.  Sometimes you will use your training to take the lead.  Sometimes people will simply turn to you and make you the leader.  Either way, your training will carry the day.






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P.S. Consider these three questions...
1 . Where do you want to be this time next year? Dealing with same stress problems you have today? Of course not! And you don't have to. STRESS JUDO will train you to beat stress. Take action now--improve your tomorrow. It's that simple.

2. If you continue to do what you've always done, can you really expect to get anything other than what you've always got? It's really so simple; change how you handle stress and you will change the results you are getting.

3. How are your strategies for handling stress working for you? If the results you're getting are not what you'd like, it's time to try a different approach.  You've been trained wrong.  Get the right training.  Get STRESS JUDO training.

P.P.S. STRESS JUDO is based on the principles and methods of judo and other martial arts. But it only works when it is trained.  Not read about. Not watched.  Not wished for. Trained. STRESS JUDO training will change you. You will master stress when stress hits.  But only if you start your training today.
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